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Where would your Life be if your body is more functional with less pain and discomfort?

Located in the heart of Oakland right next to Lake Merritt, Chiropractor Dr. Vu Tran is there ready to provide you with the upmost respected thorough care to help create a balance, stable and functional body. The three important steps to assure for your proper care are:

  1. He listens
  2. He educates
  3. He applies



The value of trust and comfort goes a long way in helping the body heal and Dr. Tran’s natural holistic approach strives to incorporate all elements of care to facilitate patient’s healing in a timely matter.


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“If you want a doctor who cares about you and gets to know you, Dr. Tran is your guy. He looks at the whole picture. I came in for low back pain but we have also been addressing poor posture and knee pain, which can all overlap, so I truly appreciate that he looks beyond the symptom to locate the actual problem(s). Amazing, very kind, very prompt and organized.”